xemgħa (candle)
‘Xemgħa (Candle)’ by Bob Attard


Bobb Attard is a Maltese visual artist, currently based in Prishtina, Kosovo. His work often wanders around the complexities of the human brain while sometimes adding elements of absurdism, social parody and dark humour.


‘Stripes’ by Bob Attard


‘Daydream’ by Bob Attard


Having found himself unexpectedly stuck in Prishtina due to COVID-19 restrictions despite planning to stay for just 4 days, self-portraiture has been his main medium of expression. Using the spaces he found himself in as a backdrop to his unforeseen personal therapeutic journey in Kosovo, he plays around the concepts of boredom, loneliness, existentialism and self-healing. His face is often obscured in order to create an ambiguous human figure, dissociating himself from feelings of shame and regret stemming from past traumas while paradoxically facing these emotions, adding an element of dualism.


‘Boxes’ by Bob Attard


To explore Attard’s work further please visit Instagram and the artist’s website.


To explore more queer contemporary art please visit


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