Urban Mask 89  (Ghost series, 2018)
“AIDS Is Not Over” by Gregory Farrar Scott

Urban Mask 89  (Ghost series, 2018)

I am deeply into masks and any ideas that play with identity or promote individuality… The images I’m submitting are from an ongoing series of Urban Masks that I began in 2006, while working on my MFA. Each mask utilizes a used bike helmet as the basic form, with found objects added to depict ridiculous facial features. The series started as a celebration of absurdity. The original 32 masks were half of my graduate exhibit (see cover image).

Urban Mask 18 (2007) by Gregory Farrar Scott

Urban Mask 53 (2012) by Gregory Farrar Scott

Urban Mask 76 (2016) by Gregory Farrar Scott

Recently, my masks have become more abstract. Facial features are rare. In addition to humor and sexual references, favored themes now include ghosts, empathy, and tributes to other artists.

Urban Mask 77 (2016) by Gregory Farrar Scott

What I’ve learned, in a nutshell:
A mask can be anything and anything can be a mask.

Urban Masks 78 & 79 (2017) by Gregory Farrar Scott
This duo is a response to global warming.

My first solo exhibit, “Welcome To My World”, an exhibition of 100 Urban Masks, will take place in January, 2021, at the Sanchez Art Center, in Pacifica, California ( Susan Hillhouse Leask is the curator (

With face masks now a part of everyone’s daily attire, my exhibit feels very timely. Some of the Urban Masks, created long before the current pandemic ever began, seem almost prescient.

Urban Mask 96 (2020) by Gregory Farrar Scott
“Tribute to Rene Magritte”

Urban Mask 98 (2020) by Gregory Farrar Scott

Urban Mask 99 (2020) by Gregory Farrar Scott
“Green Buddha”

There’s a selection of my work and a bio here: All artwork on my website, on instagram, and all work submitted here was produced by me and is copyrighted. ©GFScott

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