***DISCLAIMER: This work contains nudity.***

Artist Statement

To be honest I do what I do because I like the endorphins released after finishing something. Well that’s why I keep doing it. I started because I wanted to. I remember being 5 and wanting a disposable camera for my birthday to take photos of my family, the lemon tree growing in our front yard back in Mexico, and to remember how that day felt. I have to admit not all I create today functions that way but it functions well for me. It’s mostly a selfish act really; all I do is linked to how I feel that day, even the colors. And even though I deal with adult themes the colors come from my childhood, the plants and flowers remind me of when I was a kid and pinks, greens and blues are the most vibrant.

Now that I’ve exposed my psyche I can tell you that my work is a selfish act because that’s my way to release stress or just reflects my lack of doing. I will say that some works are more personal than others and it is me showing discontent with the news releasing half the story, people forgetting what intimacy is, me redacting the works of Artist I admire, or making a metaphor out of giving my first blowjob. And maybe none of that’s here or you might find something I missed, so if you connect to it in some way I’m glad for you and that’s yours, keep it.

If you want to use any of my work; well where I come from it’s polite to ask first or just give credit. Find me on Tumblr as Fernando Matehuala.



You can explore more of Matehuala’s works by visiting his website.


These images were kindly supplied by the artist.

Please ask the artist before using them.

Thank you


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