***DISCLAIMER: These art works contain nudity.***



About my project:

I am a stage actor and model based in São Paulo, Brazil, cast member of acclaimed theatre company Os Satyros (for ref.: I’m gay, and I’m out since 2010. I’ve been living for 4 years with my partner Rodolfo Brunhari. After experiences with nudity on stage and performance, I made nudity my field of study and recently launched my own male nude photographic project (, where I’m in the process of being portrayed nude by 100 different artists. Similar to what you are accomplishing with Balaclava.Q, here I intend to bring together so many artistic possibilities, in this case, around a single place: my own body.
I started this photographic project not as a photographer, but as a model, in order to “unite” so many different contemporary views and concepts about nudity and, perhaps, help blur the lines that still distinguish, when the human body is portrayed, fine art from amateur, fashion from erotic, artistic from pornographic, and in that course show that being nude is being human, and that nudity, sexuality and the art we do with it should not need excuses or permission, or be subject to any kind of censorship. I’ve got a long journey ahead, being currently at 14 out of 100 photoshoots done, with the next 10 already booked and having successfully contacted over 60 artists who agreed to participate so far, including — but not limited to — some well-known names such as Thomas Synnamon, Fernando Schlaepfer, Lucas Ferrier, Paco y Manolo, Helio Beltranio and others. On some of the shoots, such as the ones by Fabio da Motta and by Chico Castro, I was accompanied by Rodolfo and/or other models.
The project is hosted with complete, uncensored photoshoots on the site above, and it is also present on other networks, such as facebook (, instagram ( and tumblr ( I’m also present on snapchat ( and periscope (, where I broadcast the making-of my photoshoots whenever possible.
Some of the photoshoots already produced adhere to your proposition of hidden faces. So, here’s attached a small sample of photos from some of these shoots, for you to publish on Balaclava.Q with my authorization, if that’s your desire. I’d love to be a part of this community. Please also refer to the project’s website for the full works: As for copyrights, all photos belonging to the project are copyright protected and may only be copied, republished or printed with my permission.
Best regards from Brazil,
hdg-hbp-6img_0359HDG JPT 14 TOP
As stated above, all images were kindly supplied by the artist.
Please contact the artist before using them.
Thank you.

One thought on “ARTIST: HUGO

  1. What a fascinating concept – “I intend to bring together so many artistic possibilities, in this case, around a single place: my own body.” and from the images provided here, beautifully executed. Looking forward to following the links to this project.

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