Disco Monster Terrorist  / 02.09.2016

My photographic work is an ongoing study of this entity I have created in the forms of ”selfies” I have taken over the years. It is very much of a study or an expression what I feel from the inside, although I spend a great deal altering the outside by changing my appearance physically with make-up or masks (the ”looks”) and the photoshopping part of the picture. The idea is to create a new entity in form of this ”Uolevi” persona. It’s still me, altered. Lately my ”selfies” has become more physical, more body consciousness.

The sequin ski-mask started years ago when I wanted to make a mask to hide my face and to stand out with the same time. I had this idea for years but only now got to make it true. The title comes from Boy George song for Leigh Bowery, the master of distortion and masks. A week after the Orlando shootings I visited to Berlin, went out and danced to gay disco standard I Will Survive. Somehow the meaning and the energy of the song had changed, the dancing had become a political act, a statement itself. In picture I hold a mirror ball as a bomb, dress up in white shirt and a tie – turning the homo-normative corporate drag in queer statement. Hiding my face in this sequin ski-mask I reveal my true identity. The slogans reflects ”the queer spirit” over the decades.

To connect with this artist and explore more of their work please visit:

Scruff: uolevi

GayRomeo: uolevi









The work shown here was kindly supplied by the artist.
Please ask that artist before using them elsewhere.

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